Of Halal police and secular brigades

Source: Dawn

Author: Bushra S

A few days ago, I read a post about the righteousness and haughtiness of the so-called the halal police. It reminded me of a topic I had taken up when I had just started my career; but one that I had not re-visited since. The point of discussion was how a hijab or abaya-clad woman feels in a world full of extremely opposing views.

I wear an abaya. I have been wearing one since I was fifteen years old. Part of the reason behind observing this Islamic requisite is respecting God’s order; part of it is respecting the tradition of my family. (For the purpose of this post, I will intermittently refer to myself as a “hijabi” only because of the ease with which this term fits in sentences!)…

…It’s a difficult world out there with both extremes of the spectrum, conservatives and liberals, nurturing a certain idea of “modesty” and “emancipation” respectively. It requires a continuing effort of vigilant observation, judgement and decision based on how people perceive you.

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