This injustice is of concern to all civilised people

Source/Credit: Leicester Mercury

By Ibrahim Bonsu

Once again the Indonesian government have shown that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Indonesia are not entitled to be accorded the same justice enjoyed by other citizens. On February 6, three members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pandeglang, Banten Province, were brutally murdered when a mob numbering about 1,000 descended on their place of worship.

This occurred in the full view of the police, thereby indicating no shortage of witnesses for criminal proceedings. However – no surprise here – sentences of three to six months were what were handed to those who committed these monstrous atrocities.

The gruesome videos of these barbaric killings could still be watched on YouTube. To add insult to the situation, one Ahmadi member, Deden Sudjana, who had to defend himself from this brutal attack was jailed for six months, a term which is heavier than many of the attackers. Deden almost had his hand severed during this attack.

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