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Dental Surgeon Dr Muzafar Ahmad Bajwa of Germany

By Zubair Khalil Khan

One part of the Prophesy of Founder of Ahmadiyya Community claims a very high status of his followers in the field of education and knowledge. Complete prophesy is mentioned in “Roohani Khazain Volume 20, pages 409 and 410”. Late Dr A Slam stands as an extremely distinctive symbol to fulfill this prophesy. Similarly, each year lot many Ahmadies achieve distinctions in various branches of education/knowledge thus continuously fulfilling this prophesy. Dr Muzafar Ahmed Bajwa of Germany also occupies a distinctive position amongst those youth who excelled extremely well in the field of education/ knowledge thus fulfilling this Prophesy of founder of Ahmadiyya Community.

In the following article personality of Dr Muzafar Bajwa is introduced who has, and, is in the process of leaving quite deep impacts in his related field of education/knowledge. The sole aim, however, of this article is to thank Almighty as well to induce other Ahmadi youth to follow these footsteps for the successes. Dental Surgeon Mr Muzafar Bajwa of Germany born in Pakistan in 1975 was just 6 years when, with his parents, migrated to Germany. His father was Mubashar Ahmed Bajwa (declared as Shaheed by 4th Khalifa RA of the Community). His father got distinction as 4th Khalifa RA of Ahmadiyya Community specially wrote a Punjabi Poem in his attributes and poem was sung in pretty voice on the eve of Annual gathering of Germany in 1995.  After routine education Muzafar qualified as Dental Surgeon with an extremely high grade thus binding Goethe University Frankfurt to offer him house job with University Clinics. During the limited tenure of house job he prepared for MSc in oral implantology and qualified with extra ordinary distinction. He was such a genius student that Professor Dr Georg-H.Nentwig, in charge of oral implantology department of renowned Goethe University Frankfurt, extended him full university support for his future assignments of imparting training for certificate courses of oral Implantology to Dental Doctors in his private academy.

Dr. Bajwa performing oral implantology surgery in his Prctice located in Frankfurt-Germany

Now within span of 5 years, young dental surgeon Dr Muzafar Bajwa has become a legendary figure in the field of oral implantology. A comparative study puts him very high having minimal charges viz a viz very high quality dental treatment.  For example, complete quality cleaning of teeth costs 600 British Pounds in UK which one can have just for 300 Euro with Dr Bajwa. In addition to diplomatic staff of Pakistani and Morocco Consulates, many other notables are on the list of his regular clients.  On the opening ceremony of second branch of his clinic, Consul General of Pakistan and Mayor of the city spoke extremely high about his competence and capabilities.  Local Press and Media gave him full coverage for his achievements at this young age. Along with establishment of a new praxis he has also established an academy of medical science (AMS) with sole assignment of imparting oral implantology short courses. In addition to German Dental Doctors who attend regularly emergency and 3 dimensional cone beaming course, recently, a group of Indian Dental Surgeons also attended course run by his academy. The most attractive part of courses run by AMS is the award of qualification certificate which bears the certification of renowned Goethe University. In his very young age he has been selected as the head of German Society of Oral Implantology branch Frankfurt with permanent seats in important dental doctor societies known as BDIZ-EDI.  He is also the youngest evaluator/appraiser appointed by the Dental Lobby of Germany province Hessen to represent the complicated complaint cases in the German Courts.    Further he has now become a very popular guest speaker by Indian and other international dental doctor societies. German leading Implant firms like Bredent, Bio-Horizon and Friadent-Dentsply feel privileged and proud while working with him. 

In spite of his so many explicit achievements, Dr Muzaffar Bajwa is very humble, enthusiastic, social and welfare worker also.  Be it the earth quake or floods anywhere, one can see him in forefronts donating money, material and time very generously.  Even in Germany he got the distinction of visiting elderly aged people homes and kindergartens to offer dental health care free of cost.  Low paid or deprived human beings are also extended dental care health from his clinics free of cost and without any discrimination.  In German Ahmadiyya Community he achieved the distinction of donating highest cash amount for the construction of mosques under 100 Mosque Scheme of Germany.

He is full of love for the community members and has an earnest wish to serve all the community members visiting Germany for quality dental care. Similarly he has plans in pipe line to transfer the updated oral implantology knowledge to the Dental Doctors of various countries of the world. He wishes a happy Eid mubarak to all the readers of THE MUSLIM TIMES and advises the Ahmadiyya youth to excel in all the fields thus bringing a very good name to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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