Do Muslims and Jews have equal freedom of religion under Israel’s rule?

After a group of settlers attacked a mosque in one of the villages of Ramallah in the West Bank, the Israeli army put checkpoints at the entrances of the closest settlement and checked the identity of every person going in or out of the settlement. On grounds of fear of escalation the police in Jerusalem decided to allow Jewish worshipers entrance to the Western wall only for those above fifty years of age. Many Jewish leaders protested the actions of the police especially as the closure of the Western Wall coincides with the Jewish high holidays. The police pointed out to possible violence from young settlers if they enter the Western Wall plaza and claimed that their decision is essential for security purposes.

Don’t freak out. The above news didn’t happen. But Imagine, if the police did indeed limit Jewish worshipers from entering the Western Wall. There had been terror attacks carried by settlers in the past, but it has never led to any police actions similar to whats mentioned in the paragraph above. If such an action was to be carried by the police, It would be reported on the front page of every newspaper in Israel and perhaps in the world.

Would Israel ever limit Jewish worshipers in high holidays period from entering the Western wall? I doubt it. It could be the start of a civil war. Jews around the world would be enraged by such a decision regardless of any security justification. It would be considered as a collective punishment and a non democratic action.

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