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  1. Current explanation is that it was an act of terrorism committed by Osama Bin Laden. Aren’t they satisfied with this explanation?

  2. It happened, right? or do you think the whole story is fiction? My brother saw the second plane fly into second tower (with his own eyes), and saw both buildings come down soon afterwards. I don’t need any architect’s explanation. Doubters will always be around. You choose what you want to believe. Did Neil Armstrong go to moon or did he just take pictures is his backyard?

    BTW – these engineers and scientists are yet to come up with universally acceptable theories about pyramids, stonehenge, mayan temples, UFOs, …

  3. The more knowledgable people, including not only architects but also politicians, secret service employees, historians and economists, understand that 9/11 was a well planned pretext for the wars that are currently being waged to reshape the world according to the wishes of a few people. The Osama-and-the-19-thieves explanation becomes a not very well written fary tale if you know what is really going on. To gain real understanding of todays world, I recommend these documentaries and websites:




    Global Research


  4. What a baffling & strange act of terrorism that was; it started in a such huge & horrifying manner & got extinguished like a bulb light getting on & off ; no claims for the attack, no nationalistic demands; nothing at all; just like that: on & off, one must think that the whole world is too simple minded to swallow that a lone stooge in the desertic mountains can mastermind that , if such is the case then Usama must be given the title of greatest strategist or general in the history of mankind more even than the great Genghis Khan himself. I agree that 9/11 took place but only to give a good pretext to invade Afghanistan/ Pakistan & Iraq . What is 3000 lives when compared to the hundreds of thousands the US took in Iraq & Aghanistan & Pakistan & still going on 10 years after; what a punishment.

  5. Let’s face it: I am an expert of crime. Proof: I read Alfred Hitchcock novels and I watch crime series on TV. Consequently I can say that serial killers leave a mark, sort of always something that is the same. Like a Z for Zorro or something like that. Got it?

    And now tell me what Usama bin Laden’s ‘other achievements’ have in common with 9/11? I cannot see anything similar. Most of the actions ascribed to him are cowardly attacks executed in an amateurish style. Nothing professional like 9/11.

    Just a thought …

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