Does God Exist?

The whole concept of religion is based on the belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, worthy of being worshipped – the Being known as God. If there is no God, we would have to admit that religion is little more than a philosophy. In fact, we would have to admit, albeit unwillingly, that religion is no more than a philosophy based on forgery. The status of Revealed Scriptures would be reduced to man-made chronicles, and the value of prophets would be diminished to ambitious philosophers seeking dominance over people. On the other hand, if there is a God, a Supreme Being Who created us, cares for us and controls our destiny, we would have to recognise His existence, strive to know His attributes, submit willfully to His Presence and seek to establish a relationship with Him, according to His Will.

The fact that the human soul or call it the human psyche if you like, has a craving for the Unseen Ultimate Being and is fascinated and intrigued by the slightest hint that leads it in the direction of the Ultimate Being, is indicative of a vacuum in the human soul, a vacuum that can be filled only by attaining knowledge about that Being. The search for the Ultimate Truth or the Absolute Truth has intrigued man since time immemorial, a question that the most able of human minds have, throughout the ages, attempted to resolve. What is the Absolute Truth in relation to which all other truths are relative? What is the Absolute Constant, in relation to which all other truths are mere variables? Who preceded all Existence and who will continue to remain after the End of Time? One wonders whether this curiosity and persistent quest of the human mind is coincidental, or could it possibly have been deliberately ingrained in the human soul? Could it be that the human soul did have a Creator, Who chose to programme His creation, the human soul, to seek out its Creator? If the human soul has been programmed to search God, it follows logically that it will not find peace until it finds God.

We read in the Qur’an an interesting dialogue between God and the Human Soul. According to this dialogue God asked all human souls, “Am I not your Lord?” (Ch.7:173). The human souls replied indeed”(Ch.7:V.173). This does not mean to suggest that there was ever an occasion when all human souls were gathered in a congregation, where they were collectively addressed by God. It simply means that all human souls have individually testified that God is their Lord and that this testimony is intrinsic to the human soul.

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  1. As adherents to Christianity are plummeting this is the great question for the future: Does God exist? Because if he does then He will stay in touch with us. And when we look around with whom He stays in touch we will realize that it is with Islam, with Ahmadiyyat, with the Khilafat of Ahmadiyyat!

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