Bulleh knows not who he is

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Well, he isn’t the only one. There’s a whole nation that suffers the trauma minus that humble self-abnegation of Bulleh Shah, and Shah Husain before him, two inimitable poets rooted in this soil. Neither would have anything to do with established views or practices; both defied convention. In their refreshing repertoires they expressed much élan and a sense of jubilation at their defiance. There is not a spec of remorse or guilt whatsoever but pride in knowing that they do not know.

I don’t know if they were Sufis or not; I deliberately avoid that word for fear of insulting their memory by bestowing a holy tag on them when they sought none. They were the Kabir and Khusro of Punjab, but because of the black and white sensibility of the language that they used to give vent to their feelings and convictions, theirs comes across as a more hard-hitting idiom. That said, subtlety of expression belongs firmly in the heartland of the Ganga-Jamuna plains, and not with the descendents of the Kurus, who by their very likelihood of having written the classic epic, Mahabharata, make known their awe-inspiring talent: generously handing over victory to the Pandus, who vanquished them.


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