FPI Makassar Damaged Ahmadiyya Headquarters

Source/Credit: MetroTVNews.com
By Ahmadiyya Times | August 14, 2011

Makassar: Several hundred members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in Makassar, South Sulawesi, destroyed the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a local news channel reported.

Metro TV released a video report of the attacks that took place on Saturday, August 13.


One member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was brutally beaten and injured.

A large numbers of Islamist attackers were seen in a news video beating the victim.

The incident shot by Metro TV showed a mob entering the building, smashing windows and destroying property.

Without fear the extremist pushed people away and damaged the Ahmadiyya facilities.

FPI challenged the armed police units who had arrived on scene and the unrest was widespread, it was reported.

FPI extremist were reportedly outraged by the religious activities of the Ahmadi members at the Ahmadiyya Muslim headquarters.

Police are still investigating the exact cause of the incident.

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  1. Recent lenient sentences given to 12 men involved in a brutal attack against members of Ahmadiyah sect in Cikeusik, Banten were questioned widely.

    It was also concluded that such lenient sentences in such heinous a crime would certainly encourage further lawlessness and violence against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

    Justice must be addressed by Indonesian courts to prevent further violence against innocent citizens of Indonesia.

  2. Sentencing of Mr. Deden Sudjana is telling us that the law in Indonesia has gone haywire. It is a shameful judgment that the person who tried to protect the property and life of some people (which is right of every single person living on this planet), has been sentenced the maximum term and the people who were caught on tape killing and mutilating three Ahmadiis has been sentenced between 3-6 month. Is this a law of a jungle of a jungle? Wake up Indonesia, the Mullahs are the main instigators and trust me these Mullahs are going to destroy your country in the name of Islam. The biggest example is Pakistan where these Mullahs have already created a monster of hetaerism against minorities and against each other. This is not what Allah the Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) has taught us. The teaching of true Islam is beautiful, peaceful and complete.
    Love for all Hatred for none

  3. Good Day to you, sir.
    Since I see you have been reading our expat blog, I thought I would invite you to comment thereon, if you wish. Just visit the blog and say what you like, and it will be published, so long as it isn’t illegal!
    Your implication that I am a ‘not-so-real friend’ to Islam deserves clarification.
    I am neither a friend nor enemy of Islam, I have had many Muslim friends both here and in the West, and don’t mind how anyone chooses to worship. Obviously I don’t agree with several aspects of Islam. If I found nothing wrong with its teachings,I might convert!
    But in Indonesia, we have rampant Islamist intolerance.
    It’s not just the thugs of the FPI, but the state-sponsored MUI (Indonesian Council of Ulemas) and even the hitherto ‘moderate’ groups like the NU.
    If the late Gus Dur, a genuinely tolerant Muslim, were alive, I’m sure he’d be horrified by NU collusion in the denial of the constitutional right to freedom of religion, stripped away from Ahmadis by the Government’s Tri-Ministerial Decree.

    There are brave Muslims who speak out against what’s happening here, like Gus Dur’s daughter, but they are few and far between.
    And no, I am NOT ‘happy’ about the outrages. I get angry every time I read of these bigot brutes and their mayhem.
    I’m a big fan of Indonesia and it is sad to see how it’s being dragged down.

  4. My apologies about that remark. It is not fair for me to say, as I actually just ‘glanced’ at your blog and did not really study your opinions closely. – Actually I agree with everything you say. Mr. Dur had received the late Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, very respectfully and also his daughter has shown courage. I also am a fan of Indonesia and am sorry the way things are going. Still, I am a bit encourage that there are quite a number who are speaking up for tolerance. May Allah have mercy on them.

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