The terror in our midst

The United States has recently put pressure on Pakistan for its selective treatment of militants, but the recent attacks in Norway by a Christian fundamentalist highlight the failure of Western governments to holistically deal with domestic extremism.

In the US, the post 9/11 paradigm has limited the government’s attention in the war on extremism to strictly Islamic targets, while allowing white supremacist groups to grow in power. Not only does this abject focus on Islamic extremism damage American security, but it violates the central tenants of the US constitution protecting the equality of citizens. Thus, in allowing such discriminatory state action to continue, more power is being placed in the hands of extremist groups as ignorance becomes widespread.

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  1. Every sensible citizen of this world knows that who is responsible for the genocides of Africa, who is responsible of mass killings in Muslim countries, the reality of Iraq war, artificial revolutions of Arab world, Nato’s jihad against Libya, for how long it will continue. Where is the end. In my opinion the main job of “The Muslim Times” is to give a real picture of the things to its readers. We must follow the example of Hazrat khalifatul Masih 4th (ra). If a Norweigian has poured an effort to promote the truth. To the extent of truth he should be highlighted. We never never appreciate killing of human beings, neither in east or in the west. the question is: what were the circumstances who forced him to express himself in this manner. Is there any international forum left, which can claim to be providing justice.

  2. What were the circumstances that forced him to express himself in this manner? The question sort of provides an excuse for doing what he did (may be unintentionally, but that is an impression that it could create). There is absolutely no circumstances that can provide an excuse for murder and terror of innocent persons. The guy was/is educated. He could have launched a political party or supported a political party openly with his views… (just a thought – not quite complete…)

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