Two Churches Torched in Indonesia

Two homes used as churches were burned to the ground in Riau on Tuesday night, a report said.

The incidents are the latest in a series of attacks on minority religious groups in Indonesia that have prompted international condemnation, including from the United States and European Union.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide recently said the lenient sentences handed down in Ahmadiyah community trial in Banten gave religious extremists a green light to continue their hatred.

The homes were being used as unlicensed houses of worship in Kuansing regency, VIVAnews reported.

The first was in Pasarbaru in the district of Pangean and the second in the village of Logas in the district of the same name.

A Kuansing Police representative attempted to downplay the incident, saying the homes were “only made of board” and not real churches.

Pangean Police Chief Adjutant Cmr. Nazarudin was quoted by the news portal as saying that the ho

He said police were investigating the attacks and called on all residents to maintain security.

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  1. Violence against non-Muslims and minority sects of Islam is on the increase in Indonesia. One would hope that the international community will put its foot down and demand all Muslims living in the West and Indonesia Government to raise voice against it.

    Islam wants to gurantee human rights, it is only the extremists who want to take these away!

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