‘Jordan will remain an oasis of stability and security’

By Mohammad Ghazal

BALAAMA – His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday said with the determination and will of all Jordanians, the country will be able to overcome all challenges and build a better future for Jordanians.

The King said protecting the dignity of Jordanians, preserving their interests, enhancing their living conditions and providing them with a decent living are above all considerations and will always remain on top of priorities.

The Monarch made his remarks at a meeting with over 3,000 tribal leaders and representatives of the Bani Hassan tribe, which was also attended by HRH Crown Prince Hussein.

His Majesty said Jordan will remain an oasis of stability and security.

Stressing his pride in Bani Hassan tribe, which concentrates in the eastern parts of the Kingdom, the Monarch recalled the honouring stances of the clan since the creation of Jordan to date and its role in defending and preserving the country’s security and stability.

King Abdullah instructed concerned authorities to follow up on the demands and needs of the tribe, which has branches in the Zarqa, Mafraq and Jerash governorates.

Tens of thousands lined up the streets of Balaama in Mafraq to greet the King.

At the meeting, tribal leaders and MPs representing the areas pledged allegiance to the Hashemites and support for the reform process in the country.

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