Day: June 7, 2011

Iran to contest ban on players wearing hijab.

Iran will lodge a formal complaint to the world football body after its women’s team was barred from playing in an Olympic qualifier for wearing the traditional Islamic head scarf, media reports said Monday. “We will file a complaint against the match’s FIFA organizer to the International Federation of Association […]

Hijab scarf rule comes to a head as Iranian women’s soccer team banned

GENEVA—Iran’s women’s team was correctly prevented from playing a 2012 Olympics qualifier wearing Islamic head scarves, FIFA said Monday. Iranian officials were “informed thoroughly” before Friday’s match against Jordan that the hijab scarf is banned for safety reasons, soccer’s governing body said. “Despite initial assurances that the Iranian delegation understood […]

The Claim: Cranberry Juice Can Cure Ulcers.

Cranberry juice has a long history as a home remedy for bladder infections. But scientists in recent years have quietly studied whether it might also work against Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium responsible for most ulcers. Scientists have known for some time that the juice effectively prevents some species of bacteria from adhering to […]

Warnings and tips for stepparents

The biggest challenge to the majority of the stepparents I interviewed was the ambiguity about their role in terms of discipline. Vicki Peet, stepmother of two, described a “feeling of uncertainty” in dealing with her stepdaughters, particularly in challenging situations. The plight of stepmoms on Mother’s Day Dave Larmore, a stepfather […]

Making Sense of Libya

The character of the Libyan crisis today arises from the complex but so far evidently indecisive impact of the UN-authorised military intervention, now formally led by NATO, in what had already become a civil war. NATO’s intervention saved the anti-Qaddafi side from immediate defeat but has not yet resolved the […]

Murder in the name of religion

YouTube Video/Murder in the name of God/A policy debate on the rise of extremism internationally and its impact on Britain, House of Commons, 18 May 2011. The event was co-hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK and the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Community. FROM THE ARCHIVES: The history […]

Even bees feel the blues

Even bees feel the blues when life gets them down in the mouthparts, scientists have discovered. A study suggests the insects can display negative emotions just like humans, dogs, rats and birds. Scientists upset a group of bees by shaking them violently to simulate an attack on the hive by a […]