Christine Lagarde: A French politician with an American pedigree

Christine Lagarde’s blend of French sophistication and US pedigree (she lived in the US for 25 years), combined with her defence of both free market economics and French social subsidies, have earned her admiration at home and abroad. By FRANCE 24 (text)


Dubbed “the Coco Chanel of world finance” by the international press, the sleek, silver-haired French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is considered the frontrunner to take over as head of the IMF after Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned amid charges of attempted rape.

If Strauss-Kahn’s hasty departure has left France red-faced on the world stage, Lagarde’s well-regarded, potentially history-making candidacy – if she gets the job, she will be the first woman to hold the position – carries a hint of redemption.


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