Day: June 2, 2011

Islam and feminism

OFTEN people object to the term ‘feminism’ as being a western one. One maulana when invited to speak in a workshop of this title refused to come as he considered feminism un-Islamic. Is the use of this term objectionable from an Islamic viewpoint? Not at all. In fact, Islam is […]

Islamic law: the Development of a Sphere of Law independent from the State

In the years after the passing away of Muhammad, the next stage of legal development began with the rise of “proto-qadis” (judges) who, though appointed by political authorities, quickly achieved a measure of independence from the “state.” These proto-qadis, according to Hallaq, began as arbitrators, administrators, even storytellers, but they quickly began […]

NZ speller stumbles in US spelling bee

The New Zealand entrant in the US “Olympics of spelling” has been eliminated, although she did not botch her words on stage. Belinda Gibbon, 14, from Wellington Girls’ College, correctly spelled “terraqueous” meaning consisting of, or formed of, land and water, and “upsilon”, the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet […]

We separate between religion and statehood

Patriarch calls for finding solutions to national problems Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rai said on Thursday that Lebanese parties should seek common goals and find solutions to national problems. “We are meeting here today and we are aware that in Lebanon we separate between religion and statehood,” Rai told the press […]

Another day, another sex scandal

By Elena CASAS In Friday’s papers, Liberation puts former minister Luc Ferry on the front cover as ‘Dirty Ferry’ after he alleged – without naming names – that a colleague had been arrested for paedophilia. Le Parisien asks if this is the end of the French macho, now that the […]

I’m not going home today

As a Palestinian who lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, I must admit, I am so glad I’m not going home today. Instead of making my usual journey back to Jerusalem via the miserable Qalandiya checkpoint, I will be staying on this side of the wall. Today, of all […]

One in four Tel Aviv couples divorces

Statistics show one in four Tel Aviv couples divorces, and 20 percent of the city’s families are single-parent households, a rate considerably higher than the national average. The Tel Aviv municipality is giving serious consideration to a proposal meant to facilitate divorces in the city. According to the Central Bureau […]