Sultan Sharafuddin hopes to strengthen family ties with new mosque

KLANG: The Sultan of Selangor hopes the newly-constructed Masjid Istana Diraja will be used to strengthen family ties among members of the state royalty.

“I understand there are about 1,000 of my kin and Selangor royalty (kerabat).

“I hope this mosque will be a suitable centre to unify them and strengthen their bond with each other,” Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said at the opening of the RM9mil mosque near Istana Alam Shah.

The three-storey mosque was completed early last month. Construction work began in January 2009.

The Sultan personally funded the mosque’s construction.

It had been his wish to build a moderate but functional mosque.

The mosque design was adopted from ancient mosques in Cairo, Egypt, with features like a dome, a 36m minaret, arches and sculptures resembling the Islamic civilisation influence.

Sultan Sharafuddin said the mosque would function like any other mosque but it would not be used for Friday prayers as the century-old Masjid Diraja Sultan Suleiman was just nearby and should be given priority.

“Masjid Istana Diraja can be used for prayers if there are functions at Istana Alam Shah,” he said.

He hoped the mosque would be active with religious activities to benefit the royal family, palace workers and the residents of nearby Kampung Seri Alam.

“I am told there are among the royalty who are going to get married and there are also those who wish to marry more than one.

“Whatever it is, those who intend to marry more than one must comply with the Selangor Family Law Enactment 2003,” the Sultan said

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