India activist Anna Hazare plans new anti-graft protest

Mr Hazare says he will go without food during the one-day protest. Police have denied permission for the gathering.

Over the weekend they broke up another fast against corruption by yoga guru Baba Ramdev and thousands of his supporters, leading to a public outcry.

A hunger strike by Mr Hazare in April heaped pressure on the government, which is beset by corruption scandals.

Anna Hazare, 72, is part of a panel of campaigners now negotiating with the government for tough anti-corruption laws and he has huge public support.

Baba Ramdev, whose daily TV programme is watched by millions, has vowed to continue his fast against corruption in his home city of Haridwar.




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  1. Why is the Congress so firm of not bringing the PM’s office under the Lokpal?
    Ans: Because in the near future Sonia might be the next PM and then would try and pur Rahul on the PM’s chair. They dont want to be under the jurisdiction of the Lokpal. This point of view in not coming from the Congress Party but specifically from Sonia. There was a mention of her KGB accounts in the newshour on HT on 16 June. Her connections with Quattrochi have been proved beyond doubt.
    Why does’nt the Congress want the Judiciary under the Lokpal?
    Ans: Because there are two institutions, the Supreme Court and the CBI with the help of which the Congress manouvres and manipulates as per their requirements.
    Why is the Congress now thinking and planning to crack down on Anna’s movement at district level to scuttle the movement?
    Ans: Because the very existance of the Congress Party and many old, prominent and seasoned politicians is being threatened by the Lokpal.

    The Congress has a “do or die” job at hand and that is to diffuse this movement.As an ordinary citizen I want to appeal to all the people who read this comment, to stand up and support Anna Hazare’s movement, fight the evil designs of the ruling party, shed blood if required, because this will be for the future of our children. We will bring somone to power who can lead the nation honestly, and by that I dont mean the BJP, it can be anyone.

  2. New Delhi (CNN) — India’s Parliament resolved Saturday to accept demands raised by 74-year-old activist Anna Hazare to tackle chronic corruption in the country.

    Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to Hazare relaying Parliament’s resolution on the 12th day of his hunger strike.

    In an address, the elderly campaigner told tens of thousands of cheering supporters that he would end his fast at 10 a.m. Sunday

    He described the Parliament’s resolution to accept his three demands for creation of an anti-corruption watchdog as a “people’s victory.”

    Political tension had been building as the hunger strike lengthened.

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