Day: June 7, 2011

Pope champions marriage, family

Visiting Pope Benedict XVI yesterday urged Catholics to courageously defend the traditional family. The Pontiff, who celebrated an open-air Mass before hundreds of thousands of peopele on the second day of his visit to Croatia, warned couples cohabiting outside wedlock that living together was no substitute for marriage. “Dear families be […]

Radar reveals Greenland bedrock

by Marc-André Miserez, Antennas developed by Swiss scientists have sounded ice layers in Antarctica up to several kilometres thick, as well as the rocks underneath. This is of interest not only to geologists and climatologists attempting to measure the effects of global warming on Earth’s ice-covered regions, but also […]

Fatwa body bans mingling of sexes

By MUHAMMAD AL-SULAMI | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: The permanent committee for issuing religious edicts, chaired by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, has banned the mingling of men and women at offices and educational institutions. “Women are not allowed to work with men. For example, they cannot work as secretaries for […]