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The regular misconception is that Islamic clothes for women are based on ‘old-fashioned’ principles. The truth is that Islamic outfits, whilst being necessarily ‘modest, ‘ does not need to sacrifice elegance, dignity and trend. While common approaches to such clothing may have actually added to this perception, there are a host of new designs and designs that actually combine contemporary benefits with traditional values. Muslim female today have got a range of never-before choices, where they can get standard attire within easy reach.

Islamic Outfits for Woman: Who, What, Where? Thanks to the Internet, there are a host of online stores that have sprung up catering to niche categories of clients, and Islamic apparel for lady are no exception. Take EastEssence. com for example. This online shop offers a range of traditional wear that includes:

Abayas Jilbabs Hijabs Scarves Shawls Jackets Skirts Sets (combined sets of upper and lower clothes and head scarf) Marriage and bridal wear (such as sherwanis and lehengas) Shoes Accessories

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  1. The models in the picture do not comply with Islamic concept of modesty where it is required to cover the curves of female body. This fashion defies the very purpose of Islamic modesty. However it’s better than displaying the cleavage and the naval and legs. Whenever the word fashion is used it has a connotation of display which is going against the concept of hiding the beauty. Another important Quranic injunction is to restrain the eyes from looking at the opposite sex while the purpose of this fashion is to invite the eyes to look.

  2. NO:1
    Allah commands, guides and directs Global village Muslim and Non Muslim males and females, brothers and sisters.
    to care good vs bad
    to protect good vs bad
    to invite good vs bad
    to look good vs bad
    to eat good vs bad
    to drink good vs bad
    to defend good vs bad
    to pray good vs bad
    to do good vs bad
    to help good vs bad

    Question How to protect and Defend good vs bad?
    Answer: To Protect oneself. One can buy pretty good Modern fashion cloths, shoes, weapons etc
    NO:1 BIG LORD directs us in Quran to protect yoursel from pain.thanks

    Munawar A. Bajwa

  3. Brothers: You are saying (or thinking) that these models do not comply with Islamic sense of modesty.

    Let me make a comparison: We all should say our prayers (salat) five times a day at the appointed time. Some of us perform the prayers at exactly the correct time, some of us – well – not always at exactly the correct time. Sometimes we combine two prayers when may be not always we needed to.
    In other words: we are not all one hundred percent perfect.

    Therefore we could say that ‘these models do not FULLY comply…’. Still, I would say a step in the right direction, agreed?

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