If Malta votes divorce, some fear the winner will be radical Islam

European and American experts say changing Malta’s divorce ban would show weakness to radical Muslims, who could capitalize on the island’s drift toward secularism to push for Islamic laws.

“Forced secularism is a gift to the radical Muslims,” said Stephen Schwartz, a U.S. author and researcher on the Islamic world. “They have the perspective that confusion and secularization is good among the Christians.”

“Everybody has reason to be worried about radical Islam, and this is an issue of radical Islam,” said Schwartz, founder of the Washington-based Center for Islamic Pluralism. “My opinion is: Malta should not change its divorce laws.”

Malta is the only European country that does not allow divorce. But this could change, depending on the outcome of a May 28 referendum in this tiny Mediterranean island nation of 408,000 people. Voters will decide the fate of proposed legislation that would permit divorce. If the referendum passes by popular vote, the legislation would then go before parliament for its approval.

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  1. The winner does not have to be radical Islam, it could be moderate Islam or Humanism.

    The best way for moderate views to win are for moderates in all religions to support each other. When we prefer our radicals and extremists over the moderate in other faith, extremism gets a better shot at winning.

    I have a Google knol about divorce, Islam and Christianity:


  2. strange reasoning. Anyway, what did the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) say about divorce? “It is the most hated thing of all permitted things” …. What a logical and beautiful teaching. No body loves it, but sometimes “better an end with pain than a pain without end”…

  3. If there are some such fear, then wil be the best way to stop teachings of radcial Muslim, is to gain the real knowledege about Divorse according to Islam. Let the non-radical and peace loving Muslim express their views about this in universities, parlament, papers, TV etc. After having known this, no radical Muslim will get a chance to propgate their radical views. Listen to moderate Muslim and the radical ones will never gain ground.

  4. Islam teachings advocate integrity and sanctity of marriage and family unit. Right to divorce is used as a last resort when the marriage fails to maintain these fundamental principles. Islamic law is bound to prevail because of these beauties.

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