Imam welcomes death of Islam’s ‘enemy’

Osama Bin Laden was “an enemy of true Islam” and his death will hopefully end the era of terrorism, according to the head of the Islamic Call Society in Malta.

“Bin Laden’s extremist convictions and terroristic practices caused great injustice to Islam and led to disastrous consequences for the Islamic world,” Imam Mohammad Elsadi told The Times yesterday in the wake of news that the world’s most wanted terrorist was killed by US Special Forces in Pakistan.

Welcoming the news, Imam Elsadi said Bin Laden distorted the moderate and peaceful teachings of Islam, giving Muslim dictators an excuse to deny their people real freedom and democracy on the pretext of fighting terrorism.

“I hope his death will end the era of terrorism and channel the efforts of the democratic world to help the Muslim countries combat dictatorship, poverty and backwardness and enable the Palestinian people to establish their own independent state,” Imam Elsadi said. Read more


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  1. What bothers me in this whole affair is that no one is above the law, what we were repeatedly reminded when Bill Clinton had an affair, likewise no one is below the law. This extra-judicial killing of unarmed Osama also violates the articles of Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, I have provided the link on About Us page our site.

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