‘Converted’ student returns to Islam

KOTA BARU: A Muslim student who had earlier claimed that he had converted to Christianity, told the Syariah High Court here that he had repented and returned to Islam.

With that plea, judge Abu Bakar Abdullah Kutty ordered the Dungun branch Universiti Tekno­logi Mara’s Mohamad Fariz Ilham Mohd Zulkifli from Pengkalan Chepa to join the congregation for prayers at the varsity’s mosque.

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  1. This is terrible, it seems they coerced him back to Islam. Unfortunately many Sunni Muslims have distorted understanding of apostacy. According to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, changing one religion is a fundamental part of religious and personal freedom.

    The insistence of the fundamentalist Muslims to kill an apostate, makes a mockery of the Quranic teachings about freedom of religion, specifically the mention that there is no compulsion in religion. (Al Quran 2:257)

    Their dilemma is that if they insist on corporeal punishment then they expose their irrationality on the issue, if they give up the issue then they expose the irrationality of their so called scholars or leaders of the twentieth century. They are between a rock and a hard place.


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