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  1. This is a very good step to provide The Holy Qur’an with urdu translation.May Allah guide & help the readers to find the real teachings of Islam & follow the right path.Amin

    • You mother fucker your not a Muslim oo goulam ahiad qadyani flowers his in jahanum
      Ooo people don’t flow him his a lier his a dajal
      His father is pig his mother was having sex with pig in those day he born (…..laanat ullah he aalay him o manitbaa ho ….)

      • He only return in his book that his is a child of pig ..book name ruhani kazain .(3)obook page (864)..if anybody want to know what I’m telling is true plz go and see his book …(Allah hum ihdena ila seratul mustqeem

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