Re-Institution of Khilafat

Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan Al-Nahl, Spring 1995   The subject of election for first three successors of the Promised Messiah has been discussed in different publications of the Jamaat. Following is a narration of the circumstances and details of three elections for Khilafat in the language of Sir Muhammad Zafrulla […]

Too Strong to Lose, Too Weak to Win

Middle East expert Patrick Cockburn dissects the “age of disintegration” that gave us Brexit and Donald Trump. PATRICK COCKBURN JUL. 2, 2016  Margus Johanson/Thinkstock This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. We live in an age of disintegration. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Greater Middle East and […]

Under the shadow of the Caliphate

Under The Shadow of the Daesh Caliphate, Arabic with English translation في ظل الخلافة       حسن سرور (ترجمه من الإنجليزية: نيو إيج إسلام) 20 نوفمبر عام 2015 و”الخلافة الإسلامية” تمثل مرحلة جديدة في معركة طائفية من أجل التفوق في الإسلام. “إذا استمرت الأمور مثل هذا، فإنه قد يتم […]