There’s a Muslim caliphate at the end of the District Line


Source: MyLondon

The word “caliphate” has become so loaded that the mere suggestion there could be one in London is enough to make anybody do a double take.

But it’s true – there is a Muslim caliphate at the end of the District Line.

And 38,000 Muslims pledged their allegiance to the caliphate at a farm in Hampshire in November.

Before you freak out, it has nothing to do with ISIS, or radicalisation.

“A caliph thousands of miles away which preaches violence and hatred gets more media attention than the caliph in our own city in London who preaches love and peace,” Sabah Ahmedi tells me.

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He is a 25-year-old Imam, one of the youngest in Britain.

“The Ahmadiyya community believes in a prophet who came over 100 years ago,” he explains.

“After he passed away there have been four ‘caliphs’ to carry on the work he has done. Now we are living in the era of the fifth caliph, and he lives in Southfields.”

Sabah has dedicated his life to following Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the current caliph. He’s also a walking, talking anomaly in the British conception of what an Imam looks like.

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