Suicide bombing is reprehensible but what about ‘fast unto death,’ as a protest?

Source / Courtesy BBC online Indian PM: Anti-corruption protest ‘misconceived’ Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has told parliament that the hunger strike by the anti-corruption activist, Anna Hazare, is “totally misconceived”. He said the 74-year-old was trying to circumvent democracy by demanding the overhaul of an anti-corruption bill. Mr Hazare spent the night […]

An Interview with Deden’s Lawyer

Radio Australia: Nurkholis Hidayat is the Director of the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute and is Mr Sudjana’s lawyer. Speaker: Nurkholis Hidayat,Director of the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute; Andreas Harsono, consultant, Human Rights Watch Indonesia Presenter: Alma Mistry MISTRY: Deden Sudjana’s hand was almost severed by a machete as he attempted to stop an angry mob who […]

Indonesian president defends Pluralism and Tolerance on Country’s 66th Independence Day

Indonesia celebrates its 66th anniversary of independence from Dutch rule on Wednesday. In a national address, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono defended the mainly Muslim country’s reputation for pluralism and tolerance, while accepting it was facing “threats” to religious and social harmony. The comments came as his administration faces growing criticism […]

The disintegration of society

Source/Credit: The Times / Malta/ Tuesday, August 16, 2011/ By: Albert Fenech Learn the lessons of history but, unfortunately, we never do. The eventual ending of the world, of our planet earth, has been predicted since man contrived the written word and, subsequently, has been expounded in a million and one […]

What is Business Waiting For?

Courtesy: NY Times Op-Ed Columnist Published: August 15, 2011 By JOE NOCERA When the German economy turned south after the 2008 financial crisis, the pain was mitigated by a program known as “Kurzarbeit.” The word means short work. Instead of laying off workers, German companies cut back their hours. The […]