USA: Address stress with free wellness workshops


Niagara Falls workshop runs 2 to 4 p.m. Oct. 18, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center, 9610 Colvin Blvd.

The workshops are sponsored by Living Well, a community and interfaith collaborative, and supported by the upstate divisions of the Methodist and Lutheran Churches, as well the Civic Engagement Institute at Niagara University, in association with the Amherst Center for Senior Services and Hearts and Hands – where neighbors have been helping neighbors since 2002.

Health and wellness specialist Tom DeLoughry will lead several workshops beginning this week on dealing with stress, improving health and helping caregivers. Below is a piece he wrote about stress, along with specific information on the workshops, which start today.

 By Dr. Tom DeLoughry

We knew it was working when, instead of staying angry for a couple of days, my wife and I would get over it in a couple of minutes.

Back when my hair was still brown, the two of us developed a new way to help teen patients at Buffalo Children’s Hospital to have less stress.  We called it the “Satisfaction Skills” – using awareness, affirmations, assertiveness and acceptance. And when we used these four skills in our own relationship, our good marriage got even better.

During the six years I directed Drug Abuse Services and the Adolescent Program in Child Psychiatry, I offered a weekly group teaching the Satisfaction Skills to teens with medical and/or emotional problems. The doctors and nurses reported that the teens that came to my groups requested less pain medications and had fewer complications with illnesses like… read more at

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