Bye Bye Catholic Church

Doris Bauer. The Muslim Times has the best collection for interfaith tolerance and women rights

Source: Spiegel

Translated in to English by Nirmal Adeel and Zubair Khalil Khan, Germany

Note: Madam Doris Bauer, 52 years old, was engaged in priest department of Catholic Church Cologne Germany from last many years. German famous Magazine Spiegel number 25, on 13.06.2020, published her views why she decided to leave the Catholic Church effective from 02.07.2020. Below is its English translation for the readers of MT.

The German episcopal conference is expecting a new record of exits.

Doris Bauer, 52, was involved in her local community for years. But now she does not want to be a part of the church anymore. She narrated her story as followings. “In my life going to church has always been part of my everyday life, just like brushing my teeth. I have been socialised in the catholic community, as a child I used to go regularly to church with my parents. Since 2007 I have been involved in my own community St. Agnes in Cologne. Until recently I was a lecturer, Canton and a Community Helper. Many people know me here.

I have always been a critical catholic; my doubts on the church have not appeared over night. But since 2018 my doubts have increased. In that year the cases of abuse of the German Bishops were published: In the last decades 1670 catholic clerics had abused 3677 children and adolescents. I found myself in a deep crisis and asked myself: How can I continue doing my work in church, well aware of the horrible things going on? I was horrified by the handling of the bishops with sexualised violence. No one took responsibility or stepped down. The names of the offenders haven’t been published; there were not enough consequences for them.

At that point I was about to leave the church. At the beginning of 2019, when the movement Maria 2.0 started, I was hopeful. All around Germany catholic women were demanding a comprehensive work-up of the abuses, the end of the clerical power structures and the access for Women to all classical functions/offices. I am very active there. But in recent time I realised that there is no chance for us to be successful. Even reformed bishops just put us of. In February the pope spoke against female consecration. I’ve had enough now. I am leaving the church, I have no other way. But my trust in God stays unaffected by this. I am no longer ready to support this system. On July 2nd it is finally the time for me to say bye bye to Catholic Church.

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