Macron announces measures against ‘Islamic separatism’


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Source: The Connexion

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a series of measures designed to combat “Islamic separatism” in France – including new rules on foreign imams and education.

The measures will also aim to “fight foreign influence”and “promote the [positive] organisation of the Muslim faith”, Mr Macron said on a panel of ministers on Tuesday February 18, at an event in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin).

France will gradually stop welcoming “detached imams” sent from other countries such as Turkey or Algeria, Mr Macron said, and would aim to increase the number of imams trained in France, instead.
Nor will France continue to permit the 300 or so extra religious leaders that would usually enter the country during the period of Ramadan, he said.

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  1. Without being ‘pressured’ or ‘forced’ the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community already follows this trend with ‘home-grown’ and ‘home-trained’ Imams. Theological Universities for Ahmadiyya Imams can be found in such Western Countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, … besides Ghana, Tanzania, Indonesia and of course India and Pakistan. and others…

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