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Why Secularism Is Compatible with the Quran and Sunnah — And an ‘Islamic State’ Is Not

Source: Huffington Post By Akbar Ganji — Iranian journalist and human rights activist Introduction Extremist Islamic groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda and the al-Nusra Front in Syria, have transformed […]

Bahrain outlaws main secular opposition group

Source: Reuters By Sami Aboudi | DUBAI A Bahraini court on Wednesday ordered the dissolution of the main secular opposition group which the government accuses of supporting terrorism, a ruling […]

Pakistan: The secular myth

Dawn: IN a recent address, Chaudhry Nisar hit out at political opponents by classifying them as ‘secular’ and equating the term with ‘non-believing’. Clearly, the interior minister needs tuition in history and political philosophy. There is no simple thing, place or peoples called the ‘secular’, the ‘religious’, the ‘West’, ‘good’ […]

Bach vs burqa: Germany in election-year identity debate

Source: Times of India What does it mean to be German? A minister close to Chancellor Angela Merkel has kicked off a divisive election-year debate about cultural identity — earning him praise, ridicule and charges of immigrant-bashing.Some say it’s high time to define shared values as Germany seeks to integrate […]

Nearly 50% are of no religion – but has UK hit ‘peak secular’?

The secularisation of Britain has been thrown into sharp focus by new research showing that for every person brought up in a non-religious household who becomes a churchgoer, 26 people raised as Christians now identify as non-believers. The study also shows that inner London is the most religious area of […]

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