Day: June 3, 2017

Elaborate security plans for 27th night at Prophet’s Mosque

Saudi Gazette report Madinah — Security plans have been completed for the 27th night of Ramadan and for the night when the Holy Qur’an is completed during Taraweeh prayers, according to Commander of the Emergency Forces for the Madinah region Colonel Bajad Bin Majid Al-Harbi. Read more…

USA: Prayer Patrol for Kentucky streets

Kentucky Governor Will Fight Violent Crime With ‘Prayer Patrols’ June 2, 2017 by Michael Stone 19 Comments Pray the crime away? Smells like theocracy: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has a novel new plan to fight violent crime – “prayer patrols.” At a press conference earlier this week Governor Bevin unveiled his plan to fight […]

British Islamic groups are undermining fight against terror

Source: Daily Mail The former chief crown prosecutor and the country’s most prominent Muslim lawyer has said British Islamic groups are undermining fight against terror by peddling ‘myths’ about the Prevent campaign. Nazir Afzal has claimed an ‘industry’, of Muslim groups was spreading misinformation about the Prevent strategy, according to The Times.The scheme […]