USA: Prayer Patrol for Kentucky streets

Kentucky Governor Will Fight Violent Crime With ‘Prayer Patrols’

Pray the crime away? Smells like theocracy: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has a novel new plan to fight violent crime – “prayer patrols.”

At a press conference earlier this week Governor Bevin unveiled his plan to fight violent crime in the city of Louisville. Bevin is calling for volunteer prayer patrols that will not report or stop criminal activity, but will instead pray the crime away.

At the press conference Bevin outlined his plan to pray the crime away:

It doesn’t matter the age of people. We need young and old people alike who genuinely believe in the power of prayer, who want to restore dignity and hope into these communities, and they want to do that by physically being in those communities and walking around. That’s what we’re looking for.

We asked people of different churches, congregations, synagogues, people who believe in the power of prayer and wanted to put their feet to work along with their convictions and their faith, to come consistently… I truly believe we’re going to see a difference in our city. I personally believe in the power of prayer. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the evidence not only in our communities, but beyond, and this is what we’re asking people to do.


The Louisville Courier-Journal reports:

Bevin urged faith leaders, public officials and residents to take a 10-block span, walk corner to corner, and pray with the community two to three times a week during the next year.

Promoting his ridiculous new crime fighting plan,  Bevin wrote on Twitter:

Prayer WILL change things.”


Prayer is powerful, and a people united in prayer will make a difference in their communities.

Writing for Friendly Atheist, and commenting on Bevin’s novel new solution to fight violent crime, David G. McAfee explains why the pray the crime away approach is a bad idea, noting that the plan is “dangerous,” that “prayer doesn’t help,” that the plan “is like community faith healing,” and that the plan “ignores the root problems.”

McAfee is not the only one disgusted with Bevin’s pray the crime away plan. On Twitter Bevin is being mocked and castigated for his ludicrous plan.

Bottom line: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin actually believes prayer is a legitimate strategy for fighting crime, and is establishing “prayer patrols” to fight violent crime in the city of Louisville.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (Image via Flickr)

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