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Catholic missionaries are evangelizing on college campuses and trying to bring back the ‘nones’

Source: The Conversation

More than 20% of all adults and over a third of millennials in the United States are not affiliated with a religion. For at least a decade, this number has been on the rise.

Sexual abuse by clergy and a poor response by the church hierarchy has led many young Catholics to lose trust in their religious institution. Some 36% of those without religious affiliation report having grown up Catholic.

But countering this trend is a movement led by millennials who are devoted to bringing Catholicism back on college campuses – with a modern flair.

Missionaries on campus

I have spent the the last seven years researching these young adults. These millennials are Catholic, and being Catholic is more central to their identity than many of their peers.

These missionaries follow church teachings with an adherence more common with the baby boomers and the Silent Generation. They attend Mass every week, go to Confession frequently, memorize Latin prayers and are devoted to saints. As college campus missionaries, they spend their days inviting college students to be similarly committed to Catholicism.

Though a minority among the millennial-generation Catholics, they are part of a movement that has been running parallel to mainstream U.S. Catholicism for just over 20 years.

Known as the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, or FOCUS, the movement started in 1998 when two male and two female college graduates began working as Catholic missionaries at Benedictine College and the University of Northern Colorado. As students, they had seen the decline in Catholic practice among their peers and wanted to promote an attractive version of Catholicism.

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