India’s Sabarimala: Over 2,000 arrested for blocking women from temple

_103611551_sabarimalaSource: BBC News

Police in India have arrested 2,200 people for protesting against the entry of women into a prominent Hindu temple in the southern state of Kerala.

Hundreds clashed with women to prevent them from entering the Sabarimala shrine last week, despite a historic Supreme Court ruling.

Violent protests were also held in different parts of the state, defying the police’s appeal for peace.

The temple has historically been closed to women of “menstruating age”.

A senior police officer told BBC Hindi’s Imran Qureshi that the protesters, including both men and women, have been arrested for rioting and unlawful assembly.

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    • The Ahmadiyya Mosques all have the same size accommodation for ladies. Ladies fully participate in our Mosque activities. (what we wrote about a Hindu temple was not a -judgement- just information)

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