800 female Daesh terrorists detained in northern Syria


Some 800 women who had joined Daesh are being detained in the Kurdish regions of northern Syria with their children, German newspaper Die Welt reported on Saturday, citing a terrorism expert from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Among the 800 were 15 German women, HRW’s Nadim Houry said. He told the paper he had met and spoken to the women in January. The female Daesh members and their children were detained across several camps in the region, he said.

The women were from 40 different countries including Canada, France, Britain, Turkey and Australia, Houry said.

“These women are in a very difficult situation,” he said. “Especially for the small children the conditions are by no means good.”

The women wanted to return home even if that meant having to face prosecution, he added.

Houry called on European governments to allow the children to return.

“The children have not committed any crimes, they are the victims of the war and often their radicalized parents.”

SOURCE:   https://www.dailysabah.com/mideast/2018/02/10/800-female-daesh-terrorists-detained-in-northern-syria

5 replies

  1. ==Among the 800 were 15 German women, ===

    15 German women are terrorist who wear burqa or Hijab.
    Can we imagine how scare German people with terroris are? Any time they( terrorist) can throw the Bomb to kill innocent people

    For security reason we should support government to ban burwa or Hijab in public.

    Those who do not support, maybe they are extremist Muslim. The extremist Muslim support The terrorist ideology. No wonder!

    All ❤️

      • Yes, if Muslim women take off burqa and Hijab, no one will ask you what is your religion, right?

        So those Muslim women do not wear burqa or Hijab will welcome every where she goes. Non one know her religion, it is cool. Right?

        All my daughters and grand daughter do not wear Hijab , they feel free and non Muslim welcome them without feeling scared. So my daughters please Allah and people around them. It is Islam make people happy, Is it cool?

        All ❤️

      • My point is that if these ladies take off their burka still their brain may be in ‘terrorist mode’. They could be still a danger, with or without burka. They need to be watched for a while, even without their burkas. And, by the way, I do not recall even ONE terrorist attack in Europe where a lady with a burka was involved. Terrorist attacks in Europe were usually carried out by ex petty criminals who just did not fit into the society.

  2. Rafiq, we see the issue in Muslim with different view, you might be right, but from my experiences and observation years, islamopbia or the extremist christian do not like to see the women wear burqa or hijab.

    They think that the hijab women try to provoke their religion on public. After 9/11, their fear are growing toward the Muslim specialy the hijab women ( considered an extremist muslim).

    It does not mean those who does not wear hijab will be saved 100 percent —No —from Islamophobia. But at least they do not recognize she is Muslim or non muslim right?

    Islamic teaching teach Muslim to be wise in public with our religion. As we know that Religion is a very sencitive thing. Muslim are under million eyes after 9/11.

    I always urge and advise Muslim women do not wear hijab until the world be peaceful place to live again.

    All ❤️

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