Anti-Israel protests in Berlin, by immigrants, dismay German officials

Source: The Washington Post

 December 20 at 4:49 PM
 Protests against Israel, sparked by President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as its capital, are once again forcing Germany to weigh the value of free speech against the burden of its Nazi past.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have been burning Israeli flags in the center of Berlin while chanting anti-Semitic slogans threatening violence against Israelis. One protest Friday took place only 100 yards from the city’s somber Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a reminder of Germany’s responsibility for the worst mass murder in history.

A few thousand protesters have taken part so far. Except for several arrests, German authorities have generally refrained from interfering, even as top officials said they were “ashamed” by “the evil face” of anti-Semitism on display.

But Deidre Berger, the director of the American Jewish Committee in Berlin, said she believes that flag burning can incite violence against Jews and that Germany’s response does not adequately deter such anti-Semitism.

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12 replies

  1. Hatred has been spreading widely on earth— love almost disappear from our ears— at the end of the day love will defeat hatred forsure!

    Allah say; only few people can enter Allah’s Paradise, most people will enter the Hell.

    With ❤️

  2. We should easily distinguish between anti-Israeli protests and anti-Jewish feelings. To come with the ‘anti-semitic’ slogan when protesting the crimes of the Israeli state is a ‘lame excuse’.

  3. While Israel plays the anti-semitic and holocaust reminders to the rest of the world to gain sympathy, the rest of the world should distinguish between this and the atrocities that Israel is committing against the Palestinians which have also been labelled as ‘crimes against humanity’.

    The Germans are persistently made to feel guilty for what Hilter’s Germans did to the Jews and in the process, they find it difficult to accept the fact that the same people who are supposed to have suffered so much during the holocaust have conveniently forgotten what it’s like to be oppressed and persecuted and killed for no reason than because of race and religion. And they commit similar, if not worst acts on the Palestinians.

  4. First thing is first.
    Security and self-defense come first. People are adamant to destroy the state of Israel.
    Israel is in a constant state of war for her survival.

    • and in this constant war for her survival they seem to need to destabilize and destroy all Arab countries. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan too. Anyone who is not totally obedient. Unfortunately they use all their efforts to destroy instead of to encourage peace and friendship, because equal justice is not in their vocabulary.

  5. Please, I am not supporting any terrorism or destruction of any country by Jews, Muslims or Christians. I am supporting self-defense for survival for everybody equally.

    God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.Matthew 5:9
    Love for all hatred for none

    • Yes, the main word here is ‘equally’. That is what the Israelis do not want to grant the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

      • If we watch Isreal TV or youtube, Arab accupied Israel for centuries—- Empire Turkey accupied Israel for hundred years and build Mount Temple—
        If we look at Bible and Al Quran, Israel belong to Jews.

        Allah’s Book is the true history. We, as Muslim have to refer to God— not to people.
        Wha do you think Rafiq, you put your trust on people or God?

      • Does it mean that we should blindly applaud all the atrocities committed by the Israeli Army and Police in the occupied territories? Somi seems to ignore them.

      • Which Islamic country give equal rights to others?
        If this is the reason to annihilate Israel, what about the rest of the word?

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