Hindu nationalists warn Christian missionary schools they celebrate Christmas ‘at their own risk’

Source: The Telegraph

Right-wing Hindu revivalist organisation has warned Christian missionary schools in northern India that they celebrate Christmas at “their own risk” as it claimed Hindu children were being “lured” to Christianity.

In a letter to several Christian-run schools in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, 110 miles southeast of the capital New Delhi, the Hindu Jagran Manch stated that Christmas is “essentially a ploy to lure and convert Hindu children”.

Sonu Savita, the local head of the organisation, which is loosely affiliated with prime minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government, said that the warning against celebrating Christmas was not directed against Christians, but at a Christian festival being foisted upon Hindu children in their schools.

“No school has a majority of Christian students. So why do these schools where Hindus are in a majority celebrate Christmas?” he asked.

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2 replies

  1. Hindu Nationalism will breed similar groups such as ISIS, and much trouble can be expected. With so many gods to protect them, Hinduism is unlikely to die overnight, so why would they be so concerned? But they have their equivalent to the troublesome Muslim mullahs.

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