The rise of Barelvi politics could be a double-edged sword for society

Source: Dawn

“Barelvis have been subjected to suppression for over a century and a reversal to this phenomenon has started,” contends Rizvi. “Though it will take time but eventually the voice of the majority will prevail.” Referring to Deobandi political parties, he notes: “We have learned a lot in the recent past and we are ready to counter conspiracies by these so-called Sunnis.”On the last day of the sit-in at Faizabad, when enthusiasm and fervour too was very visible among the participants, the protest venue had also witnessed the arrival of scores of small and unknown groups and parties who announced their support to the TLYRA. Even prominent and established political groups now believe that the outcome of sit-in favours the revival of Barelvi-based groups in politics.“There is no doubt that the devotees of the Prophet, PBUH, have overcome a great hurdle by reciting naat after naat during this sit-in,” says Sahibzada Abul Khair Zubair, leader of JUP. “This is in stark contrast to the general impression about us Barelvi Sunnis, that we are only confined to shrines. We can be strong and successful in politics too.”




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  1. In depth analysis. But keep in mind unless state separates itself from religion no chance for a progressive Pakistan. Short sighted or short lived gains are always attractive but in the long run such tactics do not bring good results. Religion should be used for reformation of individuals and not for political gains or purposes. Sadly no one wants to pay attention on this aspect.

    • I agree!
      Do not ask to speak what you want to, we have to speak loudly and endlessly.
      Allah will not change our condition unless we change it by our selves. Insya Allah Allah will help us all.


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