Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a dangerous gambit

Source: CNN

by Aaron David Miller

Having worked at the State Department on Arab-Israeli negotiations for the better part of a quarter century, I came up with more than my fair share of half-baked ideas.

But the one issue I was smart enough to avoid — and I advised every Secretary of State to do the same — was Jerusalem. My advice was simple: don’t play with the most sensitive and volatile issue in the negotiations.
And yet, if you believe some media reports, President Donald Trump is preparing to do precisely that. White House national security adviser HR McMaster, however, cautioned on Sunday that he isn’t entirely sure what the President will decide. But, he added, Trump has been given all possible options to consider.

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  1. dangerous gambit? red line? come on: the Israeli government has already crossed all red lines with their settlements and 50 years + of ‘peace processes’ and ‘road maps’ and all that. What will change? Nothing … unfortunately. That America was no neutral partner is not exactly anything new.

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