Stabbing of surgeon at Manchester mosque treated as hate crime

Source: The Guardian


Dr Nasser Kurdy suffers stab wound in neck while arriving for evening prayers at Altrincham mosque

Altrincham’s Islamic Centre
 Altrincham’s Islamic centre. Police said they are treating the attack as a hate crime and confirmed they have arrested two men, aged 54 and 32.

A man has been stabbed outside a mosque in Greater Manchester in an incident that police are treating as a hate crime.

The victim, named locally as Dr Nasser Kurdy, an orthopaedic surgeon and imam, was reportedly arriving at the Altrincham Islamic centre, Grove Lane, for evening prayers at 6pm when someone stabbed him in the neck from behind.

A friend of the victim told the Manchester Evening News that he had suffered a non-critical 3cm stab wound which required stitches.

“He is a lovely guy, very gentle, loved by the community, Muslim and non-Muslim alike,” said the friend. “He needs stitches and will be kept in hospital overnight. He is incredibly lucky. This incident has really shaken us.”

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    Before we can not defeat Islamophobia if Muslim clerics can defeat extremist Muslim in their home. This is the key.

    Islamophobis rise in Europe countries as well in usa, unfortunately extremist Muslim grow faster in Islamic countries. Pakistan will fall into the hand of Extremist Islam soon.
    It seems the world will not be better off years ahead.
    The world will be better off if Saudi Arabia obey Human Right, and then forsure, all Islamic countries will follow it.
    If every coubtries obey Human Right, I strongly believe that the world will be more peaceful. Human Right is the core / tenet of all religions.

    If Saudi Arabia and Iran still reject Human Right, Islamiphobia will constanly rise in non Islamic countries.
    They say ( Non Islam):
    Muslims who live in Cristian or Buddhist countries concern the right of minority, conversely Muslims who live in majority Muslim there is no the right minority.
    It is a proof that Islamic countries are unfair countries.
    Whereas the tenet of Islamic teaching are love and justice for all.

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