Day: September 25, 2017

Jewish groups alarmed over anti-migrant AfD’s entry into German Parliament

ASSOCIATED PRESS BERLIN Published20 hours ago Demonstrators protest against the anti-immigration party AfD after German general election (Bundestagswahl) in Berlin, Germany, September 24, 2017.(REUTERS Photo) Major Jewish groups have expressed alarm and dismay that the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany has won seats in Germany’s parliament. German Central Council of Jews […]

Saudi cleric suspended for saying women should not drive because they are ‘quarter brained’

A Saudi cleric who said women should not be allowed to drive because they have a “quarter” of the brainpower of men has been banned from preaching, the government said on Friday. Saad al-Hijri was suspended from leading prayers and all other religious activity in the southern province of […]

Colin Firth just proved what I’ve always known: that there’s nothing more pointless and arbitrary than ‘nationality’

The country is outraged that Colin Firth has abandoned us to become Italian, but we could all take a lesson from his pragmatic attitude and realise that nationality is meaningless except when it comes to travelling without a visa Rae Bathgate Saying that nationality means nothing is a bit like declaring […]