As a Kurd, I can tell you why this independence referendum is so crucial

While their neighbours are busy building weapons, the Kurds are taking in refugees, yet many Middle Eastern countries as well as the UK and the US seem to be opposed to Kurdish independence

Often enough have we blamed colonisation and Western influences for the devastation and suffering seen in the Middle East. And rightly so. But we should similarly not shy away from criticising those in the Middle East when their democratic integrity is compromised.

One example is tomorrow’s referendum on Kurdish independence, and the fact that many countries in the Middle East seem united in not granting the Kurds their independence, presumably out of fear that the Iraqi Kurdish referendum would boost pro-independence movements in neighbouring Turkey and Iran.

When Scotland planned to hold a vote on its independence, the UK Government’s chief priority wasn’t avoiding independence movements in Wales and Northern Ireland at all costs. Instead, the Scots’ right to a vote on their own independence was accepted. This is a core tenet of democracy: the right of people to decide their own destinies.


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  1. I tell here many times that most Islamic rulers anf clerics are Hypocrite or munafiqun.

    I remind it again: The TENET of Islamic teaching are;
    Love and justice for all people regardless his religion, race and gender.

    If the ruler of Iraq, Iran and Turkey still HATE their brother ( Kurdish) they are Hypocrite
    If they love Kurdish they have to give them full freedom.
    I strongly support Kurdish for indenpendence.

  2. Well, basically I think we should let the Kurds decide. Interestingly Kurds I know outside of the Kurdish region are in favor of independence and Kurds I know inside of the Kurdish region are against it. I think those living inside know better. – At the moment the Kurdish region actually has ‘the best of both worlds’. They are de-facto independent in all but the name. Autonomous region it is already called. At the same time as part of Iraq they are also cashing in on Iraq’s oil income AND have a say in Iraq’s central government, are in fact ‘King Makers’ in Baghdad. Barzani of course knows all this. My feeling (which I did not read much about, although I think some journalists mentioned it) is that Barzani wants to use this referendum to blackmail or pressure the central government for territorial gains of the present autonomous region. – Anyway, again. It is up to the Kurds … (And forget Democracy, Barzani is a Dictator – like all others in the region).

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