Day: September 27, 2017

Muslim leader refutes concerns, vows Joppatowne houses will be open to all

Dr. Faheem Younus, president of an organization working to purchase houses for Muslim residents in the Ansar Housing Complex in Joppatowne, speaks during a community meeting on the community Tuesday at the Joppa-Magnolia fire hall. State Del. Kathy Szeliga looks on. (David Anderson/The Aegis) David AndersonContact A Muslim community […]

Canada: Treatment by MPs at M-103 committee hearing nothing short of lousy

Tarek Fatah, Yesterday at 4:57 PM Leading up to my testimony at the House of Commons Heritage Committee last week, I had expected MPs to have some degree of interest in what a Muslim had to say about M-103 and the loaded word “Islamophobia”. Instead, I felt a tangible […]