I worked at Uber – so here’s what I can tell you about why the ban doesn’t make sense


If you really believe it’s to do with safety and security or drivers’ rights, you need to read this

Full disclosure: It’s public knowledge that I’ve spent some of my career at Uber. The views expressed here are entirely my own.

Transport for London have announced that they do not intend to renew Uber’s private hire operator licence when it expires at the end of this week.

Their justification cites concerns about how criminal offences are reported, how medical certificates and background checks are obtained, and the potential use of software tools to frustrate regulatory/law enforcement duties. The strong implication is that Uber is somehow a threat to public safety. The Mayor has backed this up, saying that Uber deserved to lose its licence in the name of “protecting Londoners’ safety”.

But if it’s really just a matter of safety, then I’m struggling to understand.

READ MORE HERE:   http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/uber-london-ban-driver-employee-rights-money-passenger-safety-women-a7969516.html


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