Colin Firth just proved what I’ve always known: that there’s nothing more pointless and arbitrary than ‘nationality’

The country is outraged that Colin Firth has abandoned us to become Italian, but we could all take a lesson from his pragmatic attitude and realise that nationality is meaningless except when it comes to travelling without a visa

Saying that nationality means nothing is a bit like declaring oneself not racist by virtue of being colourblind. People are of course affected in very real ways by where they can – and can’t – live, and citizenship being given, revoked, obtained or renounced can exemplify both bravery and injustice.

This is, however, not the case when talking about Colin Firth. Instead, the actor’s newly acquired Italian passport serves as a reminder that sometimes, dual citizenship doesn’t – and indeed shouldn’t – mean anything at all.

The subject of sweeping, breathless media coverage, Firth’s newly obtained Italian citizenship is a direct result of Brexit. Indeed, thanks to its perfect timing following Theresa May’s speech in Florence, it serves as a poignant reminder of European connectedness.


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