In Pakistan, once-fringe Islamist radicals are making their way into mainstream politics

Source: The Washington Post

 September 24
 One candidate was from a banned group, its leader under house arrest for past ties to armed militants. The other was from a movement built around the cult of an assassin and the belief that blasphemers against Islam deserve death.

Few people noticed the campaign posters pasted in many run-down alleys that featured these obscure, bearded figures and religious messages. Instead, the nation was waiting to see which of two mainstream political parties would win a crucial Sept. 17 parliamentary election in Lahore.

But when the final results were announced, the two hard-line Muslim candidates had placed third and fourth in a race with numerous other contenders, winning 11 percent of the vote. It was a stunning debut for two Islamist groups that had shunned electoral politics but built devoted public followings, inspired by figures who used violence in the name of defending their faith.

It was also a sign that such groups, long considered to be at the fringes of Pakistani society, are making unprecedented inroads into the mainstream life of an impoverished, fast-growing country of 207 million. More than 90 percent of Pakistanis are Muslim, and many have felt increasingly frustrated by a lack of opportunities and justice under multiple leaders from the wealthy elite.

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  1. Islamophobis rise in Europe countries as well in usa, unfortunately extremist Muslim grow faster in Islamic countries. Pakistan will fall into the hand of Extremist Islam soon.
    It seems the world will not be better off years ahead.
    The world will be better off if Saudi Arabia obey Human Right, and then forsure, all Islamic countries will follow it.
    If every coubtries obey Human Right, I strongly believe that the world will be more peaceful. Human Right is the core / tenet of all religions.

    If Saudi Arabia and Iran still reject Human Right, Islamiphobia will constanly rise in non Islamic countries.
    They say ( Non Islam):
    Muslims who live in Cristian or Buddhist countries concern the right of minority, conversely Muslims who live in majority Muslim there is no the right minority.
    It is a proof that Islamic countries are unfair countries.
    Whereas the tenet of Islamic teaching are love and justice for all.

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