Denmark: Malmö Imam tells fifth graders Muslims don’t eat pork because pigs are homosexual

Malmo: By Kim Kastrup | September 19 2017

“It was not my intention to say these things”

Imam til femteklasser: Grise er homoseksuelle

Under et skolebesøg fra en femteklasse i en moské i Malmø fortalte imamen, at grise er homoseksuelle samt æder hinanden – nu har rektoren indstillet alle fremtidige besøg til moskéen

During a school visit from a fifth grade in a mosque in Malmö, the imam told that pigs are homosexuals and eat each other – now the rector has suspended all future visits to the mosque

When a fifth grade from the Bulltofta School visited the Ahmadiyya Movement’s Mahmood Mosque last week, the Imam told the 11-year-old school students why Muslims do not eat pork.

The Imam explained, among other things, the ban on pork with the fact that pigs are homosexuals, and that pigs are eating their own children. It writes the Swedish newspaper Expressen on the basis of the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan.

11-year-old girl responded

There was, however, an 11-year-old girl, herself a Muslim, who responded to the things that the Imam explained during the school visit:

So, I was very shocked and sad. Most Muslims do not have such rules. Islam is a good thing, but he said things should be such and such, and he was very angry, explains the 11-year-old girl to Sydsvenskan.

According to the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, the fifth class had to spend time working on all the things the Imam had talked about.

This explains Rector Monica Germundsson:

“There were some good discussions. So something good came out of it all. But no. It was all too provocative to be okay, says Monica Germundsson, who has decided to stop all study visits to the Mahmood Mosque, because the Imam’s explanations are in no way consistent with the school’s values.

It was quite clear

Rector Monica Germundsson says that the fifth grade has also been on study visits in the Swedish church, in the synagogue and in another mosque.

“Here it was interesting and educational everywhere. But in the Mahmood mosque, it became quite clear, says rector Germundsson.

Imam Rizwan Ahmad Afzal, who came with the strange statements to the fifth graders, has also confirmed to Sydsvenskan that he was talking about homosexual pigs. He does not mean, however, that it was something he intended to say. It happened spontaneously when the teacher asked why Muslims do not eat pork.

“It was not my intention to say these things, but it came out, you can say without thinking about it,” says Rizwan Ahmad Afzal.

Stand firm in his opinion

According to Sydsvenskan keeps the imam remains firm in his opinion, but he offers to visit the school to apologize if there are some children who have had it bad because of his response.

Rizwan Ahmad Afzal says that everything we eat affects our morale and our body.

Sydsvenskan contradicted the imam with this very direct question:

Do you become gay if you eat pork?

The imam replied,

Maybe you can. But I do not know exactly. I have not read about it, says Rizwan Ahmad Afzal.


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  1. Eating Pork /pigs and alcohol still a big issue in Islsmic countries specially extremist clerics , actually there are bigotry.. whereas Allah, Prophet, health scientist and Nutritionist allow people Consume little bit as long as it does not harm your health.
    If we still follow the ancient Clerics interpretation which they were lack of knowledge, Muslims still live in primitive way of life, like Taliban, Isis etc.

    Hopelly Ahmadiyyah can reform this kind old interpretation of Islam.
    Progressive Mudlims allow people to eat and drink pork and alcohol as long as It does not harm you.
    I agree Cigaratte is more dangerous for people life than pork and alcohol.
    Islam is religion of logic.

  2. whatever the reason, it is clear that Muslims should not eat pig. If you like to do that, up to you. No body stops you.

    • @ Rafiq, I cant believe that why Rafiq , a intelectual person, and live in modren era, still follow the old interpretation, follow imam intead of al Quran, Al Quran clearly say that Muslims are allow to eat pork also Alcohol as long ad there is benefits for your health.
      Do you want me to post Allah’s verses here?
      Let us educated young men and girls the truth of Islam.

      Do you know Rafiq, Allah destroyed Jews from their country thousand years ago because they follow their RABBIS than Taurat ( Allah laws).

      Muslims should learn from Jews mistakes, do not repeat it again. Allah has been punishing millions Muslims around the world today! As we see from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraw, Syrian, Yamen, Lebya, and others. Allah will not stop His punishment until WE FIX our mistakes.

      • That’s the problem with interpretations. Who can really know what the correct interpretation is?

      • Somi has his own interpretations. When the Qur’an says that ‘there is some good in it but the bad is more than the good’ (wine for instance) then that means we better leave it. Call me ‘old-fashioned’ if you like.

  3. @ Rafiq.
    Definition of lawful ( Halal) and unlawful (Haram ) as Allah and Prophet Muhammad (saw) said in Holy Quran; Allows them as lawful what is good and prohibits them from what is bad. QS 7;157. ( It is very logical religion.)
    He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion of Islam. Quran. 22;78. (Only your clerics impose difficulties on you in religion of Islam.)
    And such are the Parables We set forth for mankind, but only those understand them who have Knowledge. QS 29; (43). (Clerics lack of knowledge of about health and technology.)
    Therefore, we, Muslim really need to change the old interpretation to the Modern interpretation on 21 st. Century.

  4. Another myth that needs to be dispensed with. There is too much ignorance, and even Ahmadyah clerics obviously aren’t as educated as they should be. Pigs/pork has been eaten around the globe since time immemorable, but like the Jews, Muslims have adopted the belief that the animals are ‘unclean’. They are in fact lovely and intelligent animals, and no more unclean than others. But there is so much abuse of animals, and there should be more focus on eradicating such practises and respecting them. But I would go further and stop the killing and eating of animals altogether. That would be more worthy of love and peace.

    • mmm … cannot quite agree. Look at the animals we usually eat: cows, deer, sheep etc. They all just eat very clean and selective grasses. The pigs eat all the filth as well. I do not think we can compare them. (intelligent they may be …)

  5. @ Rafiq.. At the time of prophet, we trust on Clerics about good food ( halal) and bad food( haram).

    Nowadays, we can not place our trust on Clerics because they are lack of knowledge of nutrition, health etc.. we are as Muslim and non Muslim have to place our trust to scientist, nutritionist or health department etc they know much better than clerics about good food and bad food for people and animals as well.

    Rafiq, Islam is a religion of knowledge and logic.

    • He has made unlawful to you only that which dies of itself, and blood and the flesh of swine, and that on which the name of any other than Allah has been invoked. But he who is driven by necessity, being neither disobedient nor exceeding the limit, it shall be no sin for him. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful. Sura 2:174 what more to say?

  6. It is clear Rafiq. It shall be NO SIN for him. Why extremist clerics ( Arab) forbid Muslim to eat / drink a little of bit of pork or alcohol. The meat of pork is not poison.
    If meat of pork is poison, Allah will say: Do not eat pork even a little of bit, it will harm your health.

    Arab clerics were lack of knowledge Rafiq? Do not follow them!

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