Denmark police want nightlife ban on under 18s

Source: The Local

Police on Funen want under 18s to be completely barred from the island’s bars and nightclubs due to difficulties enforcing legal age limits.

People under the age of 18 should not be allowed to enter nightclubs or bars that become nightclubs after 11pm, police on the island propose, according to a report by TV2 Fyn.

“On some level we think that it is easier to administrate, both for young people as well as for establishment owners, if rules are the same all over Funen,” Janne Svärd, lead consultant with Funen Police, told TV2 Fyn.

Current rules stipulate that people under 18 are allowed to enter bars and restaurants until 2am, providing they do not consume alcohol whilst there.

But police say it is difficult to make sure youngsters are sent home at the right time and to prevent them from drinking alcohol, and are now calling for a change to the rules.

Authorities on Denmark’s second-biggest island have therefore been requested by police to change the requirements for the issue of licenses to sell alcohol.


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