Muslim mother launches legal action against school for not allowing face veil

Source: Dunya News

A Muslim mother has initiated a legal action against her daughter’s school after she was told face veil was not allowed in the institution’s premises.According to The Guardian, Rachida Serroukh, a 37-year-old single mother of three daughters, was asked to leave while she was attending an evening for parents of new pupils at the school on June 13. The mother was approached by one of the school staff members, who took her into a room and told her face veils, were not allowed inside the school.She was delighted when her daughter was accepted at Holland Park School, in London, also known as “socialist Eton,” known for children hailing from high profile families being enrolled there. “Education is very important to me and I want to ensure that all my children get a good education,” she said. Serroukh, a devoted Muslim has been wearing veil for the past 14 years, she launched the case against the school after she was told the school does not allow face veil and is against its policy.


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