‘Enormous rise’ in girls threatened with genital mutilation in Germany

Source: The Local

There are currently more than 13,000 girls in Germany whose families plan to have them circumcised – an increase of 4,000 over last year – women’s rights group Terre des Femmes claims.

“Due to the arrival of migrants from countries such as Eritrea, Somalia and Iraq, we have recorded a huge increase in the number of affected women and threatened girls,” Terre des Femmes spokeswoman Charlotte Weil told DPA on Tuesday.

Weil, who has authored a report on unrecorded female genital mutilation (FGM) in Germany, estimated that there are 58,000 women in the country who have been victims of female circumcision.

The mutilation of the female sexual organs is practised in many African countries, as well as a few in Asia. It is illegal in Germany.

“We don’t know of any cases where a girl was mutilated in Germany. It either takes place on a holiday back in their homeland, or during a visit to a practitioner in a city such as Paris or Amsterdam,” said Weil.



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  1. I’m a Muslim from Pakistan who follows the Hanafi school, however I hadn’t a clue about FGM – I only learned about it couple of years in UK . I believe it’s practised amongst North African cultures and not in the entire Muslim world, therefore it’s deemed as a ‘cultural’ preference rather than a religious notion. if you look at the statistics it is actually prevalent in cultures that are more closely connected with Christianity

    For centuries African people would mutate girls n even babies so please tell me how does this have any thing to do with Islam If any of you had a brain you would know it happens more to girls in Africa n the surrounding parts of the world so when they cum here they still have that mentality and carry on doing it Know your facts about Islam. Ethiopia is a Christian country yet you find this
    .barbaric act widely practiced….Morocco Algeria Tunisia and many more are Muslim countries and you won t find a single case of FGM in them…it s a cultural practice with no links to religion
    It is a vile disgusting, barbaric act based on out-dated, cultural beliefs. It needs to be stopped full stop! I had my eyes opened on the course I did. I for one expected this to have men behind it but is the women who keep this tradition going. Many countries practice FGM and they are not all Muslim countries at all. The figures are quite staggering. Female Genital Mutilation occurs in non-Muslim societies in Africa and is practiced by Christians, Muslims and Animists alike. In Egypt, where perhaps 97 percent of girls suffer genital mutilation, both Christian Copts and Muslims are complicit. Thus, it has long been concluded to be a cultural practice, not connected to religion.

    FGM is a revolting, barbaric practice. So is child sexual abuse. Have you bothered to ruthlessly suppress hat and prosecute sexual predators? Or do you just let them get away with it for years because of their upstanding positions in society? The issue is on a fault line between a number of sensitivities, it’s going to provoke emotional reactions. FGM is sexual assault and should be treated as such. The poor children are coaxed into this barbaric procedure by the people they most trust – unaware of the long-term mental and physical consequences. There is no place for ‘cultural sensitivity’ when addressing this matter – anyone found guilty should be named and shamed.

    Is this not child abuse by the parents? Is there not a procedure in place to deal with child abuse by parents? Sharia has nothing to do with FGM. FGM predates Islam. As it’s open season on Muslims and Islam, especially open season on Muslim women in Europe, the proportion of women children at risk is equivalent to the number of Muslim girls in Europe. FGM in the UK is a classic case of a politically correct public sector bending over backwards to accommodate blatant abuses of the person in the name of cultural and religious traditions.To destroy a girl’s clitoris is to ruin their sex life for ever. That is a crime and there are laws that are good enough to deal with this. What on earth are the police doing? Sitting on their ar*es no doubt.
    FGM predates Islam. It was supposedly first started in Pharaoh Egypt. Perhaps earlier. Islam does NOT teach it or support it. The Prophet Muhammad had 4 daughters and 9 wives and not a single evidence or testimony suggests any of them underwent anything like FGM or that they supported it. Islam does not permit mutilation of the body for rituals or customs or traditions, like prohibiting tattoos. FGM is wrongly associated with Islam. But so are many things. Ironically, the British empire was instrumental at destroying the one institution with the moral, political, and spiritual authority to end destructive and barbaric practices like FGM.
    Keith Vaz, the committee’s Labour chairman, said victims had been badly let down. “FGM is an on going national scandal which is likely to have resulted in the preventable mutilation of thousands of girls to whom the state owed a duty of care,” he said. “Successive governments, politicians, the police, health, education and social care sectors should all share responsibility for the failure in recent years to respond adequately to the growing prevalence of FGM in the UK.”Right ‘cos we couldn’t possibly point the finger at the cultures that do this kind of thing and protect those who do it with a conspiracy of silence, could we? What proportion of children are at risk of FGM compared to the proportion of children at risk of abuse generally?

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