65 different flavors, aromas identified in Turkish coffee

65 different flavors, aromas identified in Turkish coffee

A recent study conducted at Ege University has identified 65 different tastes and aromas of Turkish coffee.

The university in a statement claimed that with their study, Turkish coffee, which dates back to more than five centuries, has for the first time been introduced in academic literature.

The research was carried out by professor Yeşim Elmacı of the Department of Food Engineering and Ph.D. student Jülide Kıvanç. With their paper titled “Identifying the Characteristic Taste of Turkish Coffee,” the traditional Turkish drink, with its distinctive flavors, became the focal point for the world’s academic circles.

“Our analysis revealed that mildly roasted Turkish coffee comes in 50 different flavors and aromas, whereas medium and dark roasted Turkish coffees have 59 and 65 different flavors and aromas respectively,” said Elmacı.

As a part of the research, they also analyzed Turkish coffee’s sensorial perspective and detected, spicy, peppery, sour, sweet, fruity and earthy flavors and aromas.

While the mildly roasted Turkish coffee gives a sweet and fruity taste, medium roasted Turkish coffee releases a spicy taste and tobacco-ish flavor. On the other hand, highly roasted Turkish coffee offers peppery, spicy and earthy tastes.

Elmacı claimed that adding sugar to Turkish coffee can change people’s perception of classic Turkish coffee taste.

“We have discovered that people who consume Turkish coffee with sugar cannot get the full taste, compared to those who drink it plain,” she said.

SOURCE:   https://www.dailysabah.com/food/2017/07/13/65-different-flavors-aromas-identified-in-turkish-coffee

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